Don't Scratch and These Seven Ways Can Overcome Tender Breasts While Pregnant

Don't Scratch and These Seven Ways Can Overcome Tender Breasts While Pregnant

Don't Scratch and These Seven Ways Can Overcome Tender Breasts While Pregnant

Breast pregnant women (pregnant women) often feel itchy? Certainly can interfere with comfort. However, don't get scratched immediately, because the skin of pregnant women tends to be more sensitive. Need the right way to deal with itching in the breast during pregnancy.

Besides, itchy nipples can also be created by skin irritation of clothing, soap, and detergents used to wash clothes.


Overcoming Itching Breasts

When the breasts itch, pregnant women may want to scratch it. However, scratching the chest is not an effective way to deal with itching. Cause the skin to become irritated, which makes the itchiness more pronounced, it can even make the skin hurt and feel sore.

Here are some ways you can do to deal with itchy breasts during pregnancy:

  • Choose bath soap that is free of perfume and detergent
    Using bath soap containing perfume and detergent can trigger the breasts to itch and irritate. Instead, pregnant women can use bath soap that contains emollients or moisturisers.
  • Routine using lotion
    It's essential to protect the area around it the breast moist when itching. Pregnant women can use moisturisers that contain vitamin E and emollient regularly. This content found in goat milk, oat, cocoa and aloe vera lotions. The right time to use lotion is after bathing. Before applying the cream, make sure the pregnant woman has dried the breast using a soft towel.
  • Use petroleum jelly
    Petroleum jelly does not need to doubt the benefits for the skin. By maintaining and restoring skin moisture, petroleum jelly can reduce itching in the breast. Petroleum jelly contains ingredients that are safe for the surface so that pregnant women can apply it to the chest if it feels itchy.
  • Massage with essential oils
    Pregnant women can also use essential oils, such as coconut oil, olives, chamomile, and tea trees to treat itching in the breast. However, not all that essential oils are safe to use while pregnant. Very recommended consulting a doctor before applying oil.
  • Use a nursing bra or nursing bra
    Nursing bras not only can be used after giving birth but also during pregnancy. Nursing bras are useful for reducing the itching that pregnant women feel. Pregnant women can use a nursing bra made of soft cotton, and there are no stitches on the nipple. This useful for preventing nipple blisters and itching.
  • Wear loose clothes
    Loose, comfortable clothes and made of cotton can be the right choice to deal with itching in the breast. Conversely, using tight clothes will increase the risk of skin irritation.
  • Compress with ice or cold water
    Besides, pregnant women can compress breast ice or cold water for 10 minutes to reduce itching. When pregnant, you should avoid bathing with water that is too hot, because it can increase the risk of skin irritation.

Itchy breasts may interfere with comfort. Pregnant women can do the various methods above to overcome them. If the itching is felt to be very disturbing and accompanied by other symptoms, pregnant women should consult a doctor to get the right treatment.
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